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Some of the work that is needed needed:

Later on this week, I pulled the tires off and began tire shopping, What I found was that all the tires were different sizes!

If all these tires look to be different, THAT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!
From right to left, or near to far...whatever...
155 / 80R13  Cornell
185 / 70R13 Goodyear T-Metric
175 / 80R13 Goodyear Invicta
175 / 70R13 Michelin XA4
I wonder if he had handling problems, of if he even knew what was causing them!

I installed some new BF Goodrich 175 / 70 R13 tires on it that have a 40K tread life on themů

This explains why the car is so noisey!  The muffler is simply not there!


I also bought new shocks for it, and upon removing the wheels to install them, found that the brake hoses were all rotted out too. When I had removed the shock absorbers, they simply fell out of the shock towers under their own weight. All of the fluid and gas had gone out of them, and they were simply along for the (bouncy) ride.

The brake hoses were replaced, and so were the front calipers, and pads. I had a bit of trouble bleeding the system because I had installed the brake calipers on to the wrong wheels! After they were swapped to the proper wheels, the brake system is fully functional and doing well.


Well, today, December 18th, I took the car up to Headlights to Tailpipes. It's a local shop recommended by one of my friends who he actually bought an old car through. I haven't heard back from the shop yet, but it's the holidays, and he's a bit backed up.