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The A-V geek page!

The term "geek" has been around for quite a while, but used to frequently be used in a derogatory way. Nowadays though, it’s more of a complement than it is a put down. It is most frequently though used to describe anybody who is really into information technology like computers and communication equipment. There are many other types of geeks though, and some of them have been around longer than you think! The AV geek is one of them. AV stands for audiovisual, and it is typically used to describe the wide variety of products we use everyday to make pictures or produce sound. To most of you out there, you just turn on the television set and watch your program, or you drop the CD into the stereo and listen to it. To an AV geek like myself though, there is much more to it than just that!

So, where can you find an AV geek? Well, in many places actually! With the proliferation of home theater systems, and other technology, more and more people are becoming AV geeks everyday. But to find the guys and gals that are really into the stuff, look in the back of the theater, lecture hall, or church in the little booth. AV geeks can also be found in television and recording studios, libraries, or just about anywhere you can find a large assortment of electronic equipment. You see, AV geeks for some reason like to hide up in tiny little claustrophobic rooms filled with all sorts of whirring equipment. Another good way to spot an AV geek is to simply look for a large collection of audiovisual equipment…and the geek that runs it is certainly not too far away!

One thing is for certain, the more knobs, buttons, controls, indicators, meters, etc. that a piece of equipment has, the more the AV geek will love it! So, an easy way to see if someone you know is a real AV geek is to hand them a piece of really complex gear, and see what their reaction to it is. If you get a "whoa, how do work this thing, what is it!?!?!", chances are that person is not one. However, If you get a "Whoa, this is the new XL2000", or "Hey, this thing’s easy to work", chances are you have found a serious case of AV geekdom on your hands!

Sometimes the AV geek has an appearance all there own, but it does not always follow strict rules. Cargo pants are always a favorite choice of them because of the many pockets to hide cables, remotes, batteries, tools, PDA's and just about anything else necessary in everyday life. I myself have long hair, and I have seen an abundant amount of hair on other AV geek guys like me, but there’s plenty of guys with short hair out there too. An AV geek’s car is almost always easy to spot though. Usually a van, station wagon, or some other sort of vehicle that has a way of hauling lots of cargo inside, and not outside where it can be stolen or damaged in the weather. It can frequently be a rather worn out, older vehicle that is not in the best of shape, but one thing is always certain, and that is that they’ve installed an audio system that is worth much more than the vehicle alone!

Now, without giving you a history lesson in audiovisual technology, I just want to show you that AV geeks have been around a long time. Thomas Edison was the inventor of the phonograph, and also motion pictures. You cannot forget Mr. Eastman, who started Kodak or Marconi, who invented radio. Of course not long after all these guys invented these gadgets, and started the whole thing going, you had folks that had to run this stuff, and explain it all to the rest of the world how to use it. It’s easy to see that AV geeks have been around for at least the past 100 years!

Computer geeks and AV geeks are very similar, only the form of equipment they worship is different. Generally, most AV geeks are passionate about the technology, and will go into great discussions over the advantages / disadvantages of the many pieces of equipment out there. Just like computer geeks can be very loyal to specific types of computers, and the software that runs them, so too are AV geeks to the media formats and technologies that they use everyday. Many AV geeks are very brand loyal to the equipment that has treated them well in the past too. Another way AV geeks are like computer geeks is that some too enjoy collecting old relics of past technologies such as 16mm movie projectors, and record players. Many stating that you never know when you may need one of these old pieces of equipment to access a long-gone media format. AV geeks speak their own language just like computer geeks do too. It’s not uncommon to here one rattling off a string of abbreviations and numbers like they are talking in some foreign tongue.

For the rest of you all that’s out there though, I’ve sort of put together some information here to make simply understanding that new television, stereo, or other gadget you gotta have a little bit easier