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There is something that I have noticed that men like to do no matter what part of the world they come from, how wealthy they are, or even how smart they are...all men like to make big explosions...and like to watch big explosions too! This can be anything from the pop of a firecracker all the way to a nuclear blast. It doesn't matter what's being blown up, but most peace loving men don't want to be blowing up something of worth, or causing harm to a fellow person, they just like to cause a harmless kaboom in the middle of a secluded area. Some men like to blow up stuff that means nothing to them, or has caused them severe pain and aggrivation. Maybe it is a feeling of power to have such power at their fingertips, or maybe it is just the adrenaline rush of seeing a tremendous amount of energy released at one time

I watched a friend take an old computer that was giving him trouble, sit it on a rock and fill it with gasoline. He stepped a ways back, and took a few shots with his rifle at it...KABOOM. The sparks of the bullets hitting it ignited the gasoline. He cheered and laughed as the hunk of junk went up in a big fireball. He eventually put the fire out with the hose, and hauled the remaining debris to the trash...he just wasn't satisfied with just simply putting it in the trash!

Unfortunately, Middle eastern terrorist men have taken their inborn love of explosions and applied it to blowing up innocent people more often than not. Every day I turn on the news and hear about another explosion somewhere over there, and of course September 11th. While most of us men have controlled our desire to blow something up to things and locations that will cause no harm, these men have not done so, and have caused great loss among fellow members of human society.

A man's inborn affinity toward explosions could be the reason why NASCAR racing is so popular. Cars crash and go kaboom, and the drivers get out and walk away. In my shop, I was playing an old tape of the Manhattain project while testing a TV. The pictures instantly attracted a crowd when they go to the part of the nuclear blast! Ever sit out on the porch and watch a thunderstorm? Action and adventure movies always have big explosions in them with lots of sub-bass. It's one of the reason big surround-sound systems are popular for home-theater nowadays... each new action move that comes out tries to top the last one with yet bigger kabooms!