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Painting project:



Home improvement…an All-American pastime! Here’s some of the supplies and materials I used for this project

Tools used: Ladder, paintbrushes, caulking gun, sander, extension cord, shop-lite (for working after dark),

Supplies: Silicone caulk, Kilz 2 primer, Benjamin-Moore exterior latex paint, paint stripper, sandpaper



This project started when I opened a window and noticed a windowsill was filled with dirt. New storm windows were added to the windows about 3 years ago. The problem was that the standard size storm window was 1.5 inches too short. I installed some small boards at the bottom to cover the gap. I never got around to painting the board though!



So, I got out a vacuum cleaner and cleaned up the dust, and then scrubbed it with formula 409. This however did not get the window completely clean. So, I decided to paint the window because there was also some of the paint was peeling off. After looking at the rest of windows around the house, all of the windows had chipping, peeling paint and were in serious need of a paint job.



In order to get the best finish, I decided to strip the paint off. My home was renovated after sitting for 8-10 years abandoned. The folks that renovated the house however did not properly prepare the surface, nor did they bother to remove the older chipping, peeling paint, so the new paint they put on was coming right off. I was determined to properly prepare the surface. This, however would involve a considerable amount of effort, but it would be worth it for the longevity of the paint. The first step was to strip off the old paint. I used some chemical stripper for this. A strong, smelly chemical that makes the paint curl up and come off the surface. Stripping the paint however gave a look at what the house has been painted over the years. It has not really changed in color significantly. The first coat of paint was a pale yellow. Subsequent layers of paint were all white.



The first few layers of paint curled up and were scraped off easily. The first, original layer of paint however was holding on pretty good! It was good paint, it did not want to give up the surface easily. I determined if the paint was holding on this good, that it was not going to come off after I panted over it. While stripping, I also removed the dried up, hardened caulk where the aluminum siding meets the wood window frames. Stripping the wood, of course, left the window frame surface pretty rough, so I sanded it with 60-grit sandpaper.



Now that the hard work is over, the actual painting part of the project comes into play. I painted the windows with “Kilz 2” latex primer/sealer.



After the primer, I then painted the window with Benjamin-Moore “moore-brite” exterior latex paint. I had first bought some Behr Premium Plus exterior paint from Home Depot, but I found the paint to be very thin and runny. The Benjamin Moore paint was very thick and gave a nice smooth finish!


The next step of the window process is to take out the sashes, clean and re-paint them. This process has already begun, but I do not have any pictures as of yet. So far, four window frames have been completely painted. For now, enjoy the finished product. This window, located underneath the front porch, was out of the weather, but had very dull looking woodwork where mildew had taken over it. It’ snow nice and bright! The piece of siding was removed just above it to see what the original color of the house looked like. Fully primed, caulked and painted, this window is what one that a visitor may see when walking up to the house.


…and from the inside! As you can see, the boards at the bottom of the storm windows are now primed and painted!



It was not long before I decided to also paint the front porch…a big undertaking. This picture was actually taken after painting the A-frame above, but it shows the difference. On the left, you can see the finished product, and on the right, the “before” stage. Above, you can see a dirty little secret…rotted wood covered in new paint. The previous owners who supposedly renovated the house did this. A circle in the wood can be seen where I tapped it with a hammer, and it just gave way. Why did the wood rot out? My thinking is that when the house sat abandoned, the gutters ran over, and when the water ran down the soffet, it did this.



The front porch project will occur with the same stages as the window project. It is just going to be much larger! The first stage of the front porch is the A-frame above the entryway. Of corse, the first stage is to strip the paint.


The droppings after stripping


Then the sanding


I didn’t even disturb the spider that had taken up residence here


I did however; discover a loose piece of trim! Nothing that a little wood glue and some small nails couldn’t handle!



All the joints between the boards were caulked and then the whole thing was primered



And about 5 PM, the final coat of Benjamin-Moore paint went on for a nice finished product!!!

I need to put my house numbers back up. I think I’m going to buy some neat fancy ones to put back up.



That’s it for one weekend! Hopefully the weather will hold out for me to have some nice weekends before winter gets here. In the meantime, I’ve been doing some powerwashing to the concrete to get off the entire funky mold and mildew load that our unusual amount of rain has graced upon us!