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Changing the Spark Plugs

A constant source of conversation among Astro van owners is how to change the spark plugs!  The spark plugs can be rather hard to get to because they are located  between the floorpan, and the cylinder head.  There is barely enough room to get your hand in there to change them out.  Here is the method I found was the easiest on my 1988 Astro Van.

1. Jack the front of the van up, and remove the tire on the side you wish to work on.

2. The spark plugs can accessed through the opening above the upper control arm.  Some vans may have a rubber cover over this gap, that can simply be lifted out of the way.

3. It helps to use a 2 or 3 inch extension on your spark plug socket wrench, but anything longer than this won't fit.

4. While you got the wheel off, it's a good time to change your brake pads!

Some people go at it from underneath.  This isn't too bad, but I don't like having to hold my arms up above my head for that amount of time, and I also don't like knocking debris loose from underneath, and having it come down in my face

I have attempted to reach the sparkplugs from above by removing the doghouse cover and reaching in.  Be prepared to cut up your hands like this though, and it's a real stretch to get to the sparkplugs in the front of the engine.

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